Thursday, May 30, 2013

My boy is 4 and I couldn’t LOVE him more!!!

So, Wow! I am just now getting around to posting Grayson’s birthday blog. Lately I’ve just been too busy to blog. I haven’t printed pictures out since before December and I have always been on top of picture ordering and organizing! What in the world is going on?

Well, it’s almost been 2 months since Grayson’s 4th Birthday. We started the day with him wearing his “Happy Birthday to Me” shirt to school.

He ate his beloved biscuit and choc milk from McD’s.

We took iced cookies to share with his friends.

Thank goodness he didn’t have to spend the day in the closet like last year with tornadoes going on in the area.

Later that evening, he blew out his candle and enjoyed us singing Happy Birthday to him.

On Saturday, April 6th, we had his birthday party!

IMG_9117  IMG_9114







IMG_9127 IMG_9129 IMG_9125 IMG_9130 IMG_9123IMG_9217 

Our little man has grown so much it’s crazy! He is wearing size 4T but mostly now 5T shirts, and 4T shorts. Size 11 shoes.

He has a love for Batman & Spiderman, T-Ball, Team Umizoomi, Special Agent Oso, LeapFrog learning videos and his ultimate favorite is Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire.

We found out that Jett, one of his close friends at school,  just lives a few houses down from us so they have gotten to play outside a few times. He really enjoys that and talks about his pals Jett, Richard and Zayden from school all the time.

He has learned to ride his bike super fast.

He enjoyed his 1st season of T-Ball                              (more on that in next post)

Absolutely can’t believe my boy is 4 and that next fall he will be starting Kinder. I think I will cry non-stop when that happens! eeeeek! Slow it down, Bubba!!!!

IMG_9669 IMG_9593 IMG_9582

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