Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Huntin’

This was officially Grayson’s 1st Easter Egg Hunt. He was born a week before Easter in ‘09 and last year he still couldn’t walk yet so we didn’t even give it a try.

I have been so excited about watching my little man do egg hunts this year. We did a little practicing in the backyard and he would mainly just throw the eggs over his head..LOL. So I thought that’s what he would do when we went to the Rowlett Egg Hunt on Saturday. Nope, he rocked it!!! He knew just how to do it and it was the cutest thing!


Daddy led him while I took pics :)

IMG_3039 IMG_3041


IMG_3046 IMG_3044 IMG_3052IMG_3053IMG_3054

  The Easter Bunny was even there but we figured we better not try to get his picture with him since he wouldn’t even get 3 feet from the Chick-fil-a cows! :)

Maybe next year!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011



Well, Grayson just completed his 1st week at Big Boy School! I have to admit that this week has been rough. Leaving my baby crying and reaching for me is just about the hardest thing ever!!! But the joy in his face when I pick him up is beyond priceless!! I know he will get used to it and it will benefit him in so many ways. Hopefully next week will be a little bit better for him.

Also, he had his 2 year check-up today and it was determined that he still has an infection in his left ear and a little sinus infection too. That explains the major drainage out of his nose lately. And the ear infection might explain why he has been moving his head/neck around a lot. We were beginning to worry about that. The doc said it could either be a habit or a symptom of his ear infection due to all the stuff going on in his head right now. He’s a growing boy! Here are his stats:

Weight ~ 27 lbs

Height ~ 35 inches

Sunday, April 3, 2011



My sweet little love,

You are TWO! How did that happen? How did I become the momma of a running, jumping, fun little toddler? I still find myself looking at you and not believing that you're mine! But, at the same time, I can't imagine my life without you! ...

Yesterday you had a great birthday party and had so much fun! Today we went to Chuck E Cheese to eat & play. Sweet Love, Happy Birthday!!!

IMG_0035 IMG_0040 IMG_0045  IMG_0047 IMG_0049 IMG_3030 wishIMG_3019

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grayson’s 2nd Birthday Party

Grayson’s 2nd Birthday Party was a huge success! I had soooo much fun planning since the theme was just too cute & Mickey is Grayson’s favorite character of all! Enjoy the details!



~Decorations & Details~

IMG_2801   IMG_2952

birthday collage

~This was on the front door as guests arrived!~IMG_2818  ~The mantle decorations in the living room~IMG_2820~The entrance into the dining/party food area~ IMG_2810

~The party room~IMG_2823IMG_2825 




IMG_2851IMG_2826 IMG_2827IMG_2831 IMG_2828

  ~Outdoor details~IMG_2817 IMG_2855IMG_2863 

~Bounce house FUN~

IMG_3000 IMG_2836 IMG_2888IMG_2998 IMG_2889IMG_2969 IMG_2979 IMG_2973 IMG_2861 IMG_2870IMG_2987IMG_2991 IMG_2986

~Happy Birthday to You~IMG_2931 IMG_2933


IMG_2899IMG_2902IMG_2908IMG_2917IMG_2911 IMG_2905 IMG_2946

~Friends & Family~

 IMG_2869 IMG_2925IMG_2875IMG_2857 

~Thanks for coming!~ 

IMG_2816IMG_2812 IMG_2819