Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maternity Pics











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4128.1 28wks

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Such a SMART little Monkey! :)

Grayson is really changing day by day. He is talking so much now. I think ever since he started his school in April he has learned so much!!!

Some of his vocabulary:

Daddy…Momma…Gigi…Papa...Chloe…Miley…Mickey…Goofy…Barney…”troll” for remote control…milk…water…I want cookie…cracker…chicken…chip…cup…juice…duck…fish…”moo” for cow…”cream” for Starbucks or ice cream…”bar” for cereal bar…ball…outside…truck…hand…nose…ear…hair…teeth…shoes…poo poo…”fant” for elephant…bed…bath…swim…bubbles…bug…bee…train…book…towel…fan…pudding…monkey…”there it/he/she is”

And this little boy can even count to 10!!!!

He also repeats words and songs off his favorite shows!!!

I know there is so much more he says but it’s time to get ready for bed and my mind is going blank!

26 weeks

WOW! It’s going by so fast! I think the beginning goes by slow, the middle goes by fast and then the end slows down again.

Next week I have my 1 hr glucose test. Bet I’ll probably fail it like last time and have to do the 3 hr. Nothing more exciting than having blood drawn 3 times in one day! :( BOOOOO!!! But we’ll see…maybe I’ll be surprised and pass the 1st time.

Today was the 1st day that I could really see movement from the outside. I’ve been feeling her for awhile but now her movements are getting stronger.

Heartburn is rearing it’s ugly head. I take close to 8 Tums a day I’d say.

Her room is coming along. Just waiting on a canvas art we ordered. Hope it’s cute!!!

26 Belly is getting bigger by the day! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Earlier this week Grayson went to the Allergist. We got tired of seeing him being so congested and having his head movements. He had skin tests done and it was determined that he is allergic to DOGS! Totally not what I was expecting. He is not even allergic to milk like we thought he was. He has been doing a lot better on almond milk though so I’m going to leave him on that. There is a slight chance – about 40% – that he could also be allergic to eggs. I have not tried giving him scrambled eggs in a long time so I won’t even worry about that. He seems to do fine eating things that are made with eggs. We got a prescription for FLONASE nasal spray. This should help with the congestion and hopefully even stop the head movements which the doctor thinks could be from fluid in his inner ears. If he continues to do the head movements much longer we will probably take him to an ENT doctor.

So since he is allergic to dogs and we have 2, things are going to be a bit different at our house. I’m going to have to keep this place really really clean!!!! We want to buy an air purifier to see if that helps too.

I am hoping the medication helps with his congestion. We just started it so they say it can take a few weeks to take effect. Crossing my fingers!!!