Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011


Halloween Carnival at school ~ October 26, 2011


Halloween bubbles & Trick-or-Treating with Ava

October 31st

IMG_3416IMG_3412IMG_3418 IMG_3421 IMG_3426 IMG_3425

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yesterday’s Dr Appt Results

So yesterday at my 37 week appt, we had a sonogram and found out that Aniston is currently in the Frank Breech position. That means c-section probably. I was given 2 options:

1) We could do an External Version to try to get her to turn but that is done in L&D and I’m given and epidural and baby could go into stress causing me to have an emergency c-section. If they are able to turn baby head down successfully then they start the induction process.

2) I schedule a c-section. I chose to go ahead and be put on the list to deliver on 11/11/11

But the more I think about it, the earlier I want to have her so I can get her out of this position as soon as possible. Dr said they can take breech babies at 38 weeks. I will be 38 weeks on Friday, November 4th. Next week I think I’ll see if I can switch to that day or maybe the Monday or Tuesday after.

We are getting so close to her arrival.



First School Picture

school pic

~2 1/2 years old ~

When I first saw this I was sad that he wasn’t smiling but I couldn’t pass up buying his 1st school picture. He does look so cute with that little hand in his pocket.

Little STUD MUFFIN!!! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

35 weeks, 6 days

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks, 6 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 lbs

Maternity Clothes: nope, I just try to wear stretchy pants or dresses and skirts to stay comfy

Gender: Little Girl ~ Aniston Everly

Movement: she is very active…she prefers the right side of the belly so my tummy always looks lopsided :) Her movements are beginning to hurt as she is getting bigger.

Food Cravings: getting to the point where nothing sounds good or if something does it’s not something that is easy to get

Symptoms: Heartburn has kicked up…I have to sleep upright most nights. Also I think she dropped this past weekend…I had so much pressure when I walked. It’s gotten better but I’m sure if I walked a bunch it would be just as bad.

Sleep: Getting harder with the heartburn

What I am looking forward to: next week when I get a sonogram to see how big she is measuring


I found out today that the hospital will not let the doctors induce before 39 weeks anymore unless medically necessary. So my guess of having her November 4th probably won’t happen. Unless I go into labor on my own or I tell them I have been feeling less movement. May find out more next week. I go for weekly appointments from now on.

This is from last week:IMG_0192

my belly button makes me laugh :)IMG_0197

I’ll get another picture taken this weekend for 36 weeks!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Little Man!!!


I can’t believe you are half way to THREE!!! It just doesn’t seem possible to me. I know that in about a month you will become a BIG BROTHER and you won’t seem so little anymore. So I am cherishing every moment with you as our only child right now. I sure hope you adjust well to having a sister. I know you will have so much love for her ~ can’t wait to see it!!!

Here’s what’s going on in your world right now:

  • you wear size 18 month clothing, some 24 months
  • you wear size 4 diapers…you did go tee tee in your big boy potty once but we need to get better at making you use it.
  • you wear size 7 shoe
  • your favorite foods right now are chicken, PBJ sandwiches, yogurt (but you call it pudding), goldfish (cheddar and smores flavors), chips, and CEREAL is your new thing…you want it all the time!!!

Honey Bunches of Oats is what you eat. I pour your almond milk in it. You like it with and without milk.

  • You LOVE school. Every time we pass your school  you notice it and say “my school, my school” and you get mad when we keep driving past it.
  • You love hats.


  • You love the movie FINDING NEMO. And still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Barney and Chuggington.

You just couldn’t be any sweeter!!! Although you can act like a holy terror when you go shopping with Gigi and I. You like to run from us and laugh as you are running around all the clothes racks. You do the same at the grocery store. You take off running down the isles. You think it’s so funny!


Need to get you sleeping in your own bed again. We started letting you sleep with me when you had such bad allergies and coughing spells at night. We have you on Allegra and Flonase and it helps with those nasty allergies. The nose spray has totally fixed whatever it was that was making you tilt your head from side to side like fluid was in your ears or something. I’m glad for that! We struggled so much with trying to figure out why you did that. We have a Air Purifier in the bedroom. Need to get you one for your bedroom and run your humidifier at night especially since winter is approaching. And since little sister is arriving soon, you need to be able to sleep good in your room and not be woken up by her every night. We’ll work on that! :)

LOVE YOU TO THE MOON my precious angel!!!