Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Steps & Basketball

At almost 15 months old, today was the first day that Grayson has attempted to stand/walk on his own. It has been rather nice holding onto my “baby" for a little bit longer than most people get to before they learn to walk/run! But I think the time has come and he will probably start walking any day now. Oh boy!!! :)IMG_0603 Something that possibly helped him try a little bit harder tonight was his “ball”!!! That is his most favorite thing these days and he is always asking for it…it’s like his favorite word!!! Aunt Terri got him a Little Tikes Basketball Goal and he is loving it!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Visit to Arkansas

We just got home a few hours ago from Mountain Home. It was a long drive today and I can’t believe I’m on the computer posting instead of putting things away and getting ready for the work week ahead. But I want to make sure it gets done so here we go! :)

We left on Thursday at about 1:45. Got to Pa-Pa’s house at about 9:45. Grayson did really well on our way up until the very last hour or so. He was just ready to be out of his car seat!

Friday we went to Branson with Trent’s dad and brother, Seth. They wanted to show us the new shopping area downtown by Lake Taneycomo. It was really nice! But it was extremely HOT!!!


We walked along the path and came across a water show set to the song “Kung Foo Fighting” was really neat!


Fire came out of those black pipes and we could feel the heat!!!


Next, we headed here for lunch….it was yummy!!!


As we walked back to the car we stopped for pictures by the lake…it was a very pretty area!!!




When we got back to Mountain Home, we spent the evening over at Pa-Pa’s house.

Here is Grayson with his Mam-Maw


And here he is with his Great Grandpa


He’s such a little cutie!!!


Look at his little “tush”…so cute!!


Saturday we got up early and drove to Lake Norfork to snap a few pics of the pretty scenery & us of course!




Later that afternoon we went with Mam-Maw to El Chico and then got a yummy Blizzard from DQ and went back to Pa-Pa’s place. Grayson LOVED going for rides on Pa-Pa’s chair. We sat outside for a little bit until the rain started coming down!




The city was throwing a RED, WHITE & BLUE Festival up at the college and a Firework show was scheduled for the evening, so we drove up the road and sat where we could see them. Grayson was staring in amazement at first but quickly fell asleep! He was TIRED!! :)

We headed back home this morning at 9am. Pulled in the drive at 4:40pm. Look who I had the pleasure of sitting next to all the way home! My doll baby!



WOW! What a wonderful weekend! It was nice to see everyone and we hope they can make it to Texas for another visit soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

to the #1 dad!!!!!



dad1 IMG_0481



       ~ WE LOVE YOU DADDY ~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It’s Finally Done!!! : )

I finally finished Grayson’s 1st year video montage. I think the hold up was more of getting Trent to download the music I wanted for it. I can’t wait to purchase the DVD to have as a precious keepsake!

Take a look at the finished product! I love looking at the newborn pics…it seems like it was only yesterday that he was that tiny! Awwwww!!!!

Uh Oh!!!!!

Is my precious little prince turning into a bad little boy?!?

I surely hope not!!!

But this is the text I got from Carolina today while I was working....

"I hate to have to tell you this, but I noticed your little one had changed since this weekend. And today, he decided to bite all his friends. He was not hungry because he had finished eating breakfast and lunch when he did the biting. If he wants a toy or something, he will bite to get it. If the other child does not let go or give it up. So I apologized to his friend's moms."

I just hope this isn't the start of something. I had noticed a change in him this weekend also. He officially had a temper tantrum and screaming fest in Target on Sunday! We had to leave b/c of it! I think he was just sleepy though b/c he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. sweet boy!!! I ♥ him to pieces! : )


Saturday, June 12, 2010


Grayson and his pretty 2nd cousin, Brittany

Thursday, June 3, 2010

14 Months

Well, today marks 14 months since my precious Baby G was born! It's so unbelievable that time has passed so quickly! It seems like yesterday he looked like this….


And now he looks like this….

14 months

Isn’t it WILD????


What’s new?

Clothes – size 12 months

Diapers – size 3

He is learning so much more each and every day & his personality is becoming too CUTE for words! Speaking of words…he has started to say some.

Juice (for anything in his sippy cup)

Chloe ~ (sounds like Clo)


Mama & Dada of course :)

Those are the ones he says most often. He jibber jabbers a lot but I haven’t been able to make anything out of it just yet.

He’s pulling up on EVERYTHING now! Even the toilets and just today I caught him trying to splash the water inside…good thing it had been flushed! WOW!!!

He LOVES to play ball (I think he’ll be a baseball player)

He LOVES to play Peek-a-Boo…see video


He starts to get really tired at around 8:30pm and sometimes dozes off but I always wake him between 9:30 and 10 for his milk, teeth brushing & diaper change. He falls asleep in bed with us and then I carry him to his bed when I think he’s fast asleep! : ) He rarely ever gets fussy when I put him to bed. If he does, he doesn’t cry long…he just falls right back to sleep!


A typical breakfast is Eggo Waffles, Yogurt & Milk. When he is at daycare, he seems to get more of a variety. He likes bagels but he isn’t a fresh fruit fan. He usually just spits it out or won’t even touch it.

I have realized he LOVES honey turkey from the deli. I buy it shaved really thin and tear it up into bite size pieces. He has had that already a few nights this week.

When is this boy gonna walk?

That is the question!!!! : )