Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rice Cereal..nom nom nom!!!

Here she is…ready to try her 1st taste of rice cereal….


Think she liked it much????cereal

Easter 2012


the kiddos checkin’ out what the Easter bunny left…


~Precious Family Time~IMG_5363 IMG_53571








Huntin’ Eggs

IMG_5374IMG_5380 IMG_5381IMG_5384 IMG_5393 IMG_5395 IMG_5394

Look how cute my little doll’s dress was!!!

IMG_5414IMG_5424 IMG_5435

LOVE these precious gifts from God!!!IMG_5438 IMG_5465

Before the rain came, we took G to the park to fly his new kite!!! It was a great day for kite flying!

He also had fun with the dandelions in the field..LOL :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aniston ~ 5 months

Our sweet girl is 5 months old!!! ~ Already???

IMG_5514 It seems like just yesterday you were an itty bitty newborn! How come babies have to grow so fast? It’s just not fair! IMG_5505 You are wearing size 1 diapers and some outfits that are 0-3 months and some that are 3-6 months.

Those chunky little legs! I just want to eat ‘em up!!!


You are taking 4-5 oz bottles, 6 feedings per day.

I think I’ll let you try some rice cereal soon.

You still sleep swaddled in your Rock n Play sleeper in mommy & daddy’s room. I know I need to transition you to your bed but I like the comfort of having you so close to me. We no longer have to walk you around to get you to fall asleep. You nestle up next to me under my left arm with your paci until you fall asleep. Then when I feel like it’s safe to do without waking you, I pick you up and move you to your sleeper.

You are in AWE of that brother of yours! He can sure make you smile and your eyes stay locked on him when he is anywhere near you.

You have started to really play with your toys. You pick them up and most of the time try to get them in your mouth.

You rolled over for the 1st time on March 27th! Daddy was watching you while I walked around the block. You were down on a big blanket on the rug in the living room and you rolled from your back to your tummy. I knew you were getting close.

You babble lots and are ticklish and have the cutest laugh!


I really can’t believe your next monthly update will be 6 months! Your 1/2 birthday! So wild!!!

We ♥ you to the moon!!!

Grayson’s 3rd Birthday


April 3, 2012 will definitely be a day we will never forget.

We started the day as usual with me & Grayson stopping by the donut shop for 1/2 a dozen holes before dropping him off at school. I took iced cookies with sprinkles for the teachers to pass out to celebrate my little man’s special day.

After a few hours at work, the weather started getting ugly. I was watching the radar online and my mom kept me updated by text messages since she was home watching the news. It didn’t look good. I was a nervous wreck! We kept trying to call the school to see what they planned on doing if things got bad in Rowlett. No answer! My mom kept debating on whether or not to go pick him up or just stay home and not have to get out with Aniston. Tornado was on the ground in Lancaster for more than 20 minutes. Tornadoes were popping up in other areas around us. Arlington and Forney were hit bad!!! When I heard a tornado was on the ground in Forney, I couldn’t stop thinking of all of my friends that live there. Were they okay? Would a tornado pop up in Rowlett? I hated not knowing. I left work at 4:15 and headed straight to pick up Grayson from school. His teacher, Samantha, told me that he didn’t have a very good birthday! :( They spent the majority of the afternoon in the closet for safety. The kids were scared, G was crying and wanting his momma! That made me tear up!

We got came home to watch the news and see actual video and pictures of all the damage. It was a miracle no one was killed! Some homes in Forney were completely destroyed. One home had absolutely nothing left standing but the bathtub and shower wall that the woman and 3 young kids were hiding in. Never seen anything like it! They all made it through it. You can see the wall standing behind her.


I’m so thankful that no lives were taken and I pray that these folks can rebuild their homes even though they lost so many precious memories that were stored inside the homes that were lost. I can’t even imagine! :(

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What is Grayson up to at 3???

-  33.4 lbs & 38 3/4 inches tall

- wearing size 4 diapers ~ we are still working on the potty training

- wearing size 3T shirts and size 2T pants

- loves to watch Toy Story & Jake and the Neverland Pirates

- loves chicken/fries/tea, donut holes, nutter butter cookies, strawberry/kiwi capri sun juice, chocolate milk, honey bunches of oats cereal with almonds, pb&j sandwiches, yogurt a.ka. “pudding”

- playing at the park ~ kicking the soccer ball

- he can count to 20!!!

- I am LOVING this age! I just wish I could bottle him up like this. His expanding vocabulary is so entertaining! He is a momma’s boy thru and thru!!! LOVE him!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chicken ~ Fries ~ Tea…G is turning 3!!!

When it came time to start planning G’s 3rd birthday party, I knew that this time I didn’t want to do a home party. I started looking into places and decided to go with something low key but something I knew he would LOVE! I decided to go with Chick fil a since G’s favorite thing to eat is CHICKEN, FRIES AND TEA!!!

I created this CUTE invite to email out to everyone:


When it came to decorations, I knew I wanted to use cow print!!! Turned out adorable!!!


We had cake & cookies from the always fabulous..



Here comes the COW!!! G was so scared at first! :)



IMG_5230 IMG_5232

PRESENT TIME!!! IMG_5252IMG_5255IMG_5256

Make a wish!!! candles IMG_5267

We had such an easy, FUN party!!! I wanted to make it easy this year and then take him to do some fun things like the zoo and aquarium!

Right after the party was over we headed to the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine!

IMG_5297 IMG_5279 IMG_5295IMG_5278IMG_5283 IMG_5290IMG_5276 

We stopped for a ride on the merry-go-round before heading home…


When we got home, he got his present from his Gigi.

A plasma car!!!!


I think it’s safe to say this little guy had a GREAT DAY!!!