Sunday, March 3, 2013

one month ‘til 4 ???


How can it be that this boy only has 1 month left of being THREE?? I just can’t believe it!!! This year he has truly changed so much! He has grown so much taller and just blossomed into the sweetest, most talkative little man.

It’s so cute that he is into the “friend” stage now and he is always like, “you my friend, mom?” and I say “I’m your Best Friend” and he just eats that up! :) He give me so many sugars and hugs…he is just the sweetest!

His interests have turned into “big boy” interests. He is into Batman and Ninja Turtles. That’s why we are doing a Batman and Bowling Birthday Bash this year. Gonna be fun!

He went to the Pediatric Pulmonoligist a couple weeks ago and got some medication for his asthma symptoms. It is helping him tremendously and he hasn’t coughed at night since. Blessing!

He is 36.7 lbs and 40.6 inches.

I dread the 4 year shots! My poor baby!

Aniston ~ 15 months

So yes, I totally skipped 14 months since I’m such a bad blogger. Oooops! Sorry, babe!

Aniston is now FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD! Where O Where does time go????

At 14 months she basically had a runny nose for such a long time but it finally went away and she didn’t have to visit the doctor. She was fussy most evenings but I think she is TEETHING and is just so hungry by the time I pick her up that I just can’t feed her fast enough and I also can’t hold her the whole time as soon as we walk in the door. She was always ready for bed by 8. It’s so incredibly easy to put her to bed. All I have to do is just put her down and walk away and she “usually” doesn’t make a peep about it. I hope she is always my early sleeper. Grayson never wants to go to bed at night. I am thankful that they both sleep through the night and sleep late on the weekends for sure. They have started playing together a lot! Grayson is so rough with her and is sometimes so mean and doesn’t want to share. She gets so frustrated! :(

Here are some of her pics at 14 months:

14 months IMG_8113IMG_8103

Her and bubba got their Valentine pictures made…



DSC_2042 copyDSC_2128 DSC_2083 copy

At her 15 month check up, she remembered that she had her flu shot a couple of months before and she wouldn’t dare be calm on the table with the paper that  she “once considered so fun” :(

She was 22 lbs, 4 oz and 30 inches long.

She did have to get a couple shots and she hated it. I felt so bad for her but she didn’t cry long.

My poor baby has almost been a chew toy at school. She got bit 3 times in one week. The first bite was the Friday that I picked her up to go to her dr appointment. So she got bit and got shots all in one day :( She fights over toys with the other babies at school. She is a brave one that’s for sure!

She’s getting her molars. Lots and lots of drooling and runny nose. She is still sleeping fine. I hear her whining sometimes throughout the night but she never really officially wakes up crying.

March is going to be a fun month. We have St. Patty’s and Easter both. I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by already.


That’s all for now until my next update…which I hope is sooner rather than later! :) I will do an update on Grayson Blaine soon. I can’t believe he will be 4 one month from today!!!