Monday, July 25, 2011

22 or 23 weeks


So I feel like it’s been forever since my last post. Really it has! I’m currently 22 weeks if I go by how I measured at the first ultrasound but I’m 23 weeks if I go by what the estimated due date is and that is 11.17.11

I’m feeling good and my appetite has greatly improved!

I LOVE me some Olive Garden! :)

I am beginning to feel baby girl moving around more! Such an incredible feeling! One of my favorites about being pregnant.

The heartburn has begun :( But so far it hasn’t been terrible. I try to sleep a little propped up and that seems to help.

We’ve gotten a lot accomplished on her room! I can’t wait to show it off. It’s DARLING!

Next dr appt is next week so can’t wait to hear her precious heartbeat and find out how things are coming along!

Until next time! ~

Friday, July 1, 2011

She’s still “Aniston” :)

Aniston 19wks

So I had my 20 wk ultrasound today, although she really only measured 19 wks, 4 days.

I was a nervous wreck up until this day worrying that “she” might really be a “he” and that I would have to retract my announcement to everyone that we had already made. And return a bunch of pink stuff that had already been purchased! :)

As the tech was getting ready to look for the gender clues she asked me what I was hoping for. I told her that I had already been to another sonogram place at 15 weeks and so I really already knew. But I didn’t tell her what they told me. I wanted to hear her guess. She proceeded to tell me that they recently had another one of my doctor’s patients find out early and the first guess was wrong. So I got really worried after she said that.

But as she continued to look around she said, “did they tell you girl?” I said, “yep!” and she said “they were right”~ <insert HUGE SMILE> :)

Aniston looks great and we figured out I have an anterior placenta so that’s why I’m not feeling much movement yet. But the dr said I should be feeling her in the next couple of weeks as she continues getting bigger.

She is currently 10 oz.

Here is my 18 wk picture:


This was after a huge meal at Olive Garden so I’m definitely showing!!! :)