Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Sunday full of SNOW!!!

The weathermen promised but I didn’t believe!!! Guess I was wrong because after a morning of hard rainfall…SNOW started to fall in sheets! They said it was gonna stop at around 4pm so I made sure to get my LOVE out in it before the beauty of it was all over!!! :)

snowIMG_2289IMG_2294snow2snow1IMG_2306snow3 IMG_2300  IMG_2292  IMG_2286

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today we helped Barney celebrate his birthday at the Barney Live Concert. It was so cute and little G-Man just LOVED it!!!

I didn’t know if cameras would be allowed or not so all I had with me was my i-phone! Therefore, not good picture quality! :(

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo

Monday, January 3, 2011

21 months – so hard to believe!!!

21 months


You are 21 months old today!!!

So it’s 1/3/11 now and we really only have 3 more months until your 2nd Birthday!!! Isn’t that crazy to think that it’s so close?? Makes Momma sad :(



We need to work with you on being more obedient…that’s for sure! Maybe I see a time-out chair purchase in our future??? When you are doing something wrong and we tell you NO, you don’t always stop doing it right away. Just within the past 2 days you have knocked some really heavy things on top of you because you don’t listen when we tell you NO.

We need to work on eating more of a variety of foods. You are so stinkin’ picky!!! Just when I think you like something, you don’t the next time I give it to you.

We need to work on going to bed earlier. I don’t want you to still be going to bed at 10 or later once you start school. I think it might be easier once you are in a big boy bed to get you to fall asleep earlier. We will see!


You LOVE the new slide you got for Christmas!!! I see lots of sliding when the weather gets a little bit warmer outside.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! You request it quite often and you go get me the TV remote all the time!!! :)

You like BOOKS! The new book you got for Christmas has pictures of all different animals. I love to hear you ROAR when you see the Lion!!! :)

You like singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and you do the hand movements along with it.

You LOVE throwing and bouncing the balls all around the house. You say, 1…2…3 when you are about to throw!

You LOVE brushing your teeth! You get soooo excited when you see me get the toothbrush ready for you!

You LOVE to eat donuts, from the new Dunkin’ Donuts at Wal-Mart, while we are grocery shopping! Those usually keep you from being BAD!!! :)

I think you’ve gotten taller.

You are still in size 4 diapers….size 5.5 to 6 shoes….and size 18 month clothes.

Mommy’s Request:

Please don't grow up too fast! I feel like you are...and there's nothing I can do about please, PLEASE...PU-LLLEEEASE...Slow down! I love you so very much, little man!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

new years eve

2010 was a wonderful year. A year of changes and joy.  A year of happiness and family.
And, I know it’s just going to get better.  Happy 2011!!!

Here is a little recap of 2010:


This month our little love turned 9 months old! He was mastering his Army Crawl and getting ready for many changes ahead!!!

9months IMG1 IMG_3694

♥ February ♥

This month our little love turned 10 months old!!! He had a super ugly stomach bug and we had lots of fun with a record breaking snowfall!!!

February 2.25.10 snow baby


This month our little love turned 11 months old!! We had his pictures done with live bunnies and chicks for Easter and we did his birthday photo shoot!!!

 11months easter6cake


This month our little love turned 12 months old!! We had his 1st Birthday Party and he had his 1st case of Strep Throat a little after that!!!

monkey IMG_4476IMG_4597


This month our little love turned 13 months old!! We took him swimming for the 1st time!!!

13 months oshkosh IMG_0223


This month our little love turned 14 months old!! We went to Arkansas to visit family and he stood up on his own.

14 months monkey2 IMG_0603


This month our little love turned 15 months old!! He FINALLY started walking!!! :)

15 months IMG_0724IMG_0868


This month our little love turned 16 months old!! We swam alot and had lots of fun but he also got his very 1st ear infection!!!

IMG_0913 hurleyIMG_0999


This month our little love turned 17 months old!! We went to the Cotton Fest and the Plano Balloon Fest!!!

17 months cowboysIMG_1191


This month our little love turned 18 months old!! We visited a couple pumpkin patches, we went to the State Fair of Tx, and we watched the Texas Rangers win a spot in the World Series!!!

18 months pirate smileIMG_1612


This month our little love turned 19 months old!! We played with bubbles, we played in the leaves, and we visited Santa Claus!!!

IMG_1719 IMG_1823 santa9


This month our little love turned 20 months old!! We had a MAGICAL Christmas!!!

20 months IMG_1995IMG_2190 So long 2010!!!

HELLO 2011!!!!