Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aniston is 2 months old!!!

Aniston - you are TWO months old today!

I'm not sure how this happened because I swear I was just in the hospital having you! I'm scared the next 10 months will go by equally as fast and that makes me sad. I wish I could freeze time for a bit.

2 month

You are wearing size Newborn diapers.

You are wearing Newborn and some 0-3 month clothes.

You have six 4 ounce bottles a day.

You are a great sleeper! You usually have your last bottle of the day between 9 and 9:30 and then you fall asleep a little after 10 and sleep until 6ish.

You still sleep swaddled in your Rock-n-Play.


You have really started SMILING lately. The best time for the most smiles is mid-morning. Gigi texts me pictures of you nearly everyday when I’m at work.


You like to lay flat on your back and kick your little legs. You think it’s so much fun!!!  :)


Today we went to your 2 month well-check.

The doctor said you look great!!!

Here are your stats:

9lbs, 11oz (12th percentile)

21.5 inches (10th percentile)

You are growing normally. Very proportionate.


You had to get 3 shots and take 1 orally.

I gotta admit that I cried a little when you were getting them. It was so sad! But you got over it pretty quickly.

Little girl ~ you are a dream come true! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!



I must have tried a million times to get Grayson in the picture with us but he just wasn’t in the picture taking mood. I even bought the headband I’m wearing specifically for him to wear but he wouldn’t have a part in it. Boys will be Boys I guess. :)

2011 was a wonderful year. We had our little princess 11/11/11. What could be better than that? Looking forward to watching her grow and change so much this year. Both her and Grayson. Can’t believe G will be 3 in April! Wow!!!

Daddy & I will also celebrate our 5th anniversary in April.

Welcome 2012!!!