Friday, December 21, 2012

13 months ~ Guess who’s walking???


Miss Aniston is walking!!!! 

The video above is from when I took them both to get their flu shots on 12/11/12. She actually took off walking for real on this day!

I weighed her on the scales and she was 2o lbs, 6.5 oz.


She no longer takes a bottle ~ she is a sippy cup girl now. I’m glad she was never a paci girl so I don’t have to worry about breaking that habit. Makes it easy on momma! :)

She’s still eating the same and wearing the same sizes.

She’s a cutie and we love her soooooo much!!! xoxo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Miss Aniston at 12 months

WOW! How did I go and let most of this month go by without posting an update of my sweet little ONE year old??? Oh I know how…I’m so super busy!!! Being a working mom and then coming home and being busy from the moment I come in the door leaves little time for extra activities such as updating blog, ordering picture prints, etc.

Well, Aniston is ONE! It’s totally hard to believe.


She is ALMOST walking! I know she can do it, I’ve seen her do it when she isn’t even realizing she is doing it. But other times she prefers to hold onto something. I’m so glad she wasn’t an early walker because I definitely would have been sad to not have a “baby” for as long as I have. She is still momma’s girl and wants to be held quite often.


She LOVES to say “Hi” and wave.

She LOVES to say “bye” and wave.


She is wearing size 3 Up and Up diapers.

Size 12 month and 18 month clothes.

Drinking whole milk but still prefers the bottle.

Still likes baby food and certain table foods like mac n cheese, spaghetti, all kinds of potatoes, and plenty of desserts.

Yogurt is her absolute FAVE!!!

Wish she was a fan of green veggies…but nope!!!

Sleeps like a champ but has been going to bed later than she used to.


Sister girl is almost walking!

Growing too fast!!!