Saturday, March 26, 2011

Circus Circus

Our sweet neighbors gave us free tickets to the Circus that was held at the Garland Special Events Center. It was Trent & Grayson’s 1st ever Circus. We really enjoyed it! :)

IMG_2792 IMG_2785 IMG_2795 IMG_2790 IMG_2797IMG_2786IMG_2791

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

::::one month til TWO::::


This is as good of a picture as I could get with a boy who is {{{one month til TWO}}}  :)

We are so LUCKY to have him in our life!!!!

What’s up with Grayson these days?

- wearing size 12-18 month jeans

- wearing size 18 month shirts

- wearing size 6 shoes

- wearing size 4 diapers

- LOVING Mickey Mouse & Frogs

- learning to count, we’ve almost got 1-5 down

- loves to go outside to slide (also when we pass the daycares by our house everyday he for sure notices the slides)

- loves yogurt, pudding, nutri-grain bars, goldfish, Chick-fil-a (with sweet n sour dipping sauce), cereal, pancakes, waffles, rotisserie chicken, apple juice, milk, chips n queso, and a most recent favorite is GUACOMOLE from Chipotle. The boy licks it right off the chip and LOVES it!!!

- loves his new Mickey & Friends personalized cd

- he has also starting talking A LOT!!! It’s jibber jabber that I can’t understand but I know he is talking about something. :) He likes to point his little finger at ya when he is just talking away….it’s so cute!!!

I just can’t believe that in a short month he will be 2 years old! It’s so bittersweet. He is growing up so fast and it’s such a joy watching him learn new things.