Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Antonio ~ 1st Family Vacation

On April 18th we headed down South to San Antonio for our 1st Family Vacation together. I was a bit nervous about us getting there because the very night before we left was the big fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX. I thought for sure the traffic going through would be a disaster. We got through with ease though and arrived in downtown SA early afternoon. We headed to the River Walk to eat at Rainforest Cafe because I thought it would be a good entertaining place to take the kids.

IMG_9285 They were not into it as much as I anticipated. In fact, it frightened them just a little. I was not impressed by the prices or the taste of the food. Yuck! I got a pizza to share with the kids and it was not worth $14 at all. Pizza Inn is better than that was!!!





Our next mission was to try to find the River Boat Tours.

IMG_9297IMG_9298IMG_9303 IMG_9306

Next stop was our hotel which we absolutely LOVED! It was across the highway from Sea World at the Courtyard Marriott San Antonio/Sea World Westover Hills. It was right up our alley! There were murals of Sea World on the elevator doors and Shamu pictures out by the pool. It had Starbucks and a nice pool that was indoor/outdoor and heated. It was a good thing the pool was heated b/c it would have been a bit too chilly to swim, especially outdoors.

IMG_9312IMG_9310   IMG_9324 IMG_9326IMG_9328IMG_9334

We had a rough night sleeping since it was Aniston’s first night away from her own crib. But the next morning we got up and waited for the shuttle to take us to Sea World.



We got there right when they opened, at 10am. It was so chilly and I was worried that we would freeze with what we were wearing. We went directly to the sea lion show and sat pretty far back so we wouldn’t be in the splash zone.  However, water sprayed out into the audience and we still got wet which made us even more super cold!!!


Next we headed straight to the Shamu Theater. We sat on the very last row so that Grayson could stand up and see everything. He was purely amazed!!! It was so cute to watch!!!


Next we headed to feed the dolphins, which G had been saying he wanted to do but he quickly changed his mind when he saw how sharp their teeth are. Daddy had to feed them.

IMG_9440IMG_9447 IMG_9451

The Bay of Play was a super cute area with rides and Sesame Street characters. The kids did not want the characters getting close to them but they were fine watching them from afar.


Sister got mad she wasn’t tall enough to ride :(


We had some Dippin’ Dots and I swear a squirrel almost attacked us for them!!!

IMG_9470 IMG_9482

We saw some scary Alligators!!!

IMG_9513 IMG_9521

We had a blast and I’m so glad we went! The weather ended up being perfect later on and the crowds weren’t bad at all!!!


When we got back to the hotel we swam some more! This time we went to the outdoor part!


Then, sadly it was time to head home!!!

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