Monday, December 27, 2010

*A Christmas to Remember*

I have a feeling this will always be a Christmas to remember! And here are the reasons why………

On Christmas Eve we went to Crandall for the BIG family gathering…












IMG_2016 IMG_2019









Uncle Justin even came this time!!!IMG_2044

Time to open presents!!!IMG_2035IMG_2036IMG_2031

A group picture of the kids was nearly impossible! :)IMG_2027  

As we headed home our Baby Love drifted off to sleep…


Little did we know that we were in for an awakening when we got home! We let Trent out to unlock the front door while my mom drove around to the back so that we could enter through the garage. When we got to the back, Trent had walked around the house to let us know WE WERE LOCKED OUT! He said, “We have a HUGE problem” to be exact!

Earlier in the day I had locked our storm door. It had been raining ALL day and there were cars parked in front of our house so when my mom got there to pick us up, she parked in back and came through the garage way. We rode with her to Crandall so when we left we all went out the back door and Trent lowered the garage while rushing to get out and into the car.

We don’t have a key to the storm door. We only have a key that opens the front door and back door. The garage door opener was in the car that was inside the closed garage. We were stuck with no way inside! Trent was planning to break the glass to get in. I talked him into a locksmith instead. Our neighbors were sweet enough to let us come inside and sit by the fire while we waited for the locksmith to arrive.

So $100 later at 12am on Christmas Eve…we got back in the house! :(


Now that we were back inside, we could get things ready for Santa to come!





We kept Grayson in his room until we made sure we were ready to take pictures and video the minute he walked out. IMG_2081

He immediately went to the little 4-wheeler :)IMG_2082IMG_2083Then he looked at the slide and said “WEEEEEE” :)         He ran to it and tried climbing up the slide part…LOLIMG_2084IMG_2094IMG_2096




Next, he went back over to all the stuff!!

He was soooo EXCITED!!!IMG_2092IMG_2093  Then he started playing with his dump truck…IMG_2087IMG_2118IMG_2120

Then it was time to slide again!!!! :)IMG_2127

IMG_2125  IMG_2133IMG_2105 Opening presents was a bit of a challenge since he really didn’t care about opening multiple gifts. He was too busy playing with what he had already seen.IMG_2147IMG_2150 IMG_2152IMG_2156IMG_2172IMG_2176 IMG_2173 IMG_2177Mommy & Daddy also had gifts to open!!! :)IMG_2160IMG_2159IMG_2161IMG_2162Daddy got a jacket, cuff links, work shirt, casual shirt and a wallet.

Mommy got perfume and a digital picture frame.     


Grayson’s pj’s say “Santa’s Favorite”…and it’s oh so true!

IMG_2180 IMG_2190

Chloe & Miley had a good day too!!! :)IMG_2146 IMG_2123

Later in the day, around 4pm, The Sweet’s (Kevin, Elaine, Brittany and Aaron) came over for dinner and game watching.

We enjoyed Grayson’s entertainment all night! IMG_2229 IMG_2207


~~~~~~Merry Christmas!!!~~~~~~

Here’s all the footage from Christmas Day 2010!!!