Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aniston ~ 10 months


My Sweet Sweet ~ you are growing entirely too fast for my liking! Slow it down sista! :)


You started this 10th month with a little buggy bug sickness. Right after taking these pretty pictures, you barfed like I’ve never seen anyone do…it was just coming out like gallons. Luckily I had that thick blanket down over the couch. That went on for a few days. You weren’t drinking all of your bottles at school and you were super tired. One morning I was dropping you off at school and you threw up before I got out the door. That day I stayed home with you. You acted fine and actually didn’t get sick the rest of the day. Daycare said there had been a tummy bug going around so I was just going to let it run it’s course. Then you came down with a minor respiratory infection right after that. Daddy ended up taking you to the doctor to make sure you hadn’t developed an ear infection or something. They had you on Albuterol every 4 hours for 2 days. Daddy stayed home with you the rest of that day.

IMG_6589 Finally, you got better. You are always on the move! I can’t even keep up with you in this house. I turn my head for a second and you take off in the other room. You pull up on everything!!! You like to stand up against the glass storm door and look outside. You have fallen multiple times! One time you fell flat forward on your face and made your nose bleed. Scared me to death!!!


You are such a mommy’s girl! You can’t stand it if I leave your sight!!! I have been slacking so so so much on exercise because all I do when I get home is carry you around.

You started waving bye-bye this month. You smile so cute when you wave.

You have like a row of top teeth coming in. FOUR started popping up right at the same time. I think you had a difficult time with those. I gave you teething gel and Tylenol for a few nights. But you still sleep like a champ!!!

You go down for bed at around 8:30 or 9. I have to wake you up at 6:35ish to eat and get ready for the day.


You are in size 3 diapers, size 9 month clothes but starting to wear 12 months in the pants and long sleeves for Fall. We finally got you some shoes this month. You wear a size 3. We got you some adorable black ones with a bow, glittery silver ones, glittery red ones and a pink pair. You are set for Fall fashion. :)

You still drink 5 oz bottles every 3 hours. You have rice cereal or oatmeal with fruit at 7:30 am. You have either turkey/rice, chicken/rice, vegetable beef, chicken noodle or mac n cheese for lunch. You LOVE to snack on yogurt. For dinner you have one of the above and a pouch of Plum Organics like Green Beans, Peas and Pears blend or Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple blend. Many others as well.

You are close to 19 lbs.

Your hair is growing so so so long! I try to keep it out of your eyes.

We can’t get enough of you sweet baby girl. You are an ABSOLUTE JOY!