Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was smokin’ HOT outside!!! Perfect swimming weather.  We had been wanting to expose Grayson to the swimming pool for a very long time. He didn’t go at all last summer. He was still way too young. So now that my mom lives in an apartment complex with a pool, we can take him more often! Exciting!!! It’s not the nicest of pools but it’s cold, clean water so it will do! : )







Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting ready for Ava Skye

Grayson has a new girlfriend on the way! She’s due on daddy’s birthday by the way! :) My BFF, Rachel, is having a baby girl in July. Her name will be Ava Skye. We had  a FABULOUS baby shower for them on Saturday, May 22nd.

I designed the invitation


Me & my Sweet Love


Mariam & Grayson Blaine


Mary Lee & Grayson


Letting the balloons go up in the air


Bye –Bye Balloons


We had a great time and can’t wait to meet Ava! Here is the cute onesie Grayson got her! :)


Visit from Pop Pop & Uncle Seth

Pop Pop and Uncle Seth arrived Tuesday night but Grayson didn’t get to see them until Wednesday morning before we left for Mrs. Khan’s house. Wednesday evening we all went to Chili’s to have a yummy dinner. Grayson ate grilled cheese and fries. Thursday they did not get home until late since they were at the Byron Nelson tournament and there was a rain delay. Friday we didn’t get to see them at all. All the guys went to Six Flags and then to the Ranger game so they didn’t get home until around midnight. We went to eat with Gigi and her her new friend Trisha and got last minute things together before Rachel’s baby shower on Saturday. Saturday we were pretty much at Rachel’s shower for most of the day. We got home at around 5pm and went to Olive Garden for dinner with the guys. Then Pop Pop bought G a new carseat for our Civic. We got it at Buy Buy Baby. It was a late birthday gift. He REALLY wanted Grayson to have a toy but he has so many toys that we asked him to get him something that he really needs. So that was a great gift!!!

Here are a few pics from their stay here:





Grayson trying to give sugars…LOL : )


Check out this sweet video

Uncle Seth helping G walk

And as we were saying good-bye..we snapped a few more pics




Can’t leave out Chloe & Miley






Bye guys! We’ll miss you!!! : )IMG_0179

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy Day 2010

A year has passed so very fast since my very 1st Mother’s Day with my little man! He has brought so much JOY to my life, I just don’t know what I’d do without him!


We spent the day with my mom *Gigi. We started out by going to Razzoos with my brother, Justin. I had a free entree coupon that they had sent me for my birthday and I didn’t want it to expire. So my mom and I shared a plate of stuffed shrimp and Grayson had some fish and fries. Don’t forget the Fried Pickles for appetizer! YUMMY! Then we went to Baby Gap to use a $20 coupon that my mom had. We got him a super cute shirt for him to wear on Father’s Day and another onesie that was on the sale rack. It says, “Stud Muffin.” …..So CUTE!!!! Then we went to Sprinkles and got some Red Velvet cupcakes! :)

Here we all are before we left for the day.


And since my birthday is tomorrow, my mom gave me the absolute cutest necklace that she had made in Canton by Daisy Smiles Custom Jewelry…….


Isn’t it AMAZINGLY cute!?!

Another FABULOUS gift from Trent, his mother, his dad and his Grandfather...was my very own Canon Rebel...(Thanks so much!!!)

I can't wait to take pictures with this thing! I hope to learn all the different tricks of it sooner or later!


We had a great day and I came home and made a new lasagna recipe my co-worker gave me. I hope it’s yummy!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear Baby Boy,
You are 13 months old today...and you keep getting cuter and cuter if I do say so myself! :) You have learned so much over the past week or two. Now you are clapping when I say "Patty Cake" and you are even blowing kisses! It's the absolute sweetest thing! You're getting around so fast by still doing the army've perfected it! You're pulling up like crazy and cruising the furniture. I don't know when you are gonna get up the nerve to walk though. But take your time little are my sweet baby and I'm just not ready for you to grow up yet! The other day you stood up on your little lion walker and fell straight backwards and mommy caught your head right before it hit the hardwood floor. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself!

Mrs. Khan says that you gag alot when she feeds you breakfast and lunch. She thinks you don't like trying new things. I guess your eating habits have changed because you used to eat basically anything. Now you're favorite is probably mac-n-cheese and you LOVE ice cream.

You're still my little AWESOME sleeper and I really don't like waking you up early on the weekdays since you could sleep until 10 like you do on the weekends. I always know when you are getting tired at night because you start playing with your hair. You run your little fingers through it or pull the strands. So cute!!!

Like I said before, don't grow up too fast! Time is already flying by like crazy!!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

My little Angel is ♥ Heaven Sent ♥

It was almost a BAD night

It's Saturday night and I'm reading other people's blogs on the computer. Grayson is in here crawling around on the floor beside my chair. Then he was behind me all of a sudden...

I turn around and he is sitting with his back facing me and looking towards this little cream colored night stand by the bed. He has his hands FULL of those little purple foam beads heading straight for his mouth!!!! OMG! I about freaked! Some of them had already made it to his open mouth but I got there just in time to get them out! So close....thank the LORD that I turned around in time! This could have been a BAD night!